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Maser of art - Nominated- Republic of Moldova, Moldova                                       2023

The Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania ,  faculty of sculpture         1990-1995.            

The Academy of Fine Arts, Kiev, Ukraine,  faculty of sculpture                       1989-1990                       

College of Fine Arts, Chisinau, Moldova. faculty of sculpture,                         1982-1986                                                                                 

Member of the  Union of Plastic Artistsof the Republic of Moldova (UAP)             1999                                                              

Member of the International Art  Association(UNESCO)                                            1999                                                                              

Member Professional  of the Conseil de la Sculpture du Québec                             2018                                                                            

     "This master's art surprises everybody's imagination by its synthesis and universality. His philosophic and allegoric vision, his promotion of spiritual values, the reflection of these in his works in harmony with his professionalism and skill, all are the components of an artist that works with dimensions and materials. All these characteristic features are present in Mircea Pusca's works" - critical review by a

doctor of arts Leonid Homeakov.
Mircea Puscas's creativity is characterized by the search for new forms of perception of the world, by creating images with modern means of visual art. There are works in museums, galleries, and private collections of Moldova, Italy, Germany, Russia, Canada, France, Romania et.

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